Electronic Navigational Charts

Inland ECDIS - visualization of electronic cards for inland navigation, and supporting geographic information. Navigation and information mode. Navigation mode is achieved by overlaying a radar picture to the e-card. There is opportunity to replay the history of movement of ships through the AIS signal received in a given period of time.

To download IENC 2.3 for Bulgarian section of Danube river from km 375 to km 610 click the following link:

To be able to view the materials you need SeeMyENC installed. Free download from from the link bellow.

For remarks or recommendations about the published ENC`s please send me an email at

Further charts are available at the following websites:

Austria - Via Donau 
Croatia - CRUP 
Serbia - PLOVPUT 
Romania - AFDJ 
Netherlands - RIS server 
Czech Republic - Waterway Charts/SPS Praha 
Hungary - VITUKI 
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Ukraine - No download link known

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