Notices to Skippers

NTS - Notices to skippers is another key RIS technology that is standartized and provides 12 different languages. Provided messages are related to notifications from the responsible institutions in connection with the prohibitions, limitations and characteristics of the river or part of it, maintaining the fairway, traffic information, hydrographic information, weather conditions, water levels, ice formation. Automatic collection of information from paging and weather stations saves time, labor and human errors. Still, the need to check the quality of the data remains.

Notices to skippers subsystem is part of the BULRIS system. This subsystem provides search functionality of published Notices to skippers, Announcements in relation to the waterAnnouncements in relation to the ice (ice formation) and Announcements in relation to the weather conditions published for the Bulgarian part of the Danube river. A map of the towns for a particular search result can be visualized. Users of the system can also manage subscription to receive all messages sent by e-mail automatically.

Notices to skippers subsystem is linked to similar systems in other countries and provides search and display of messages relevant the current part of the Danube river and other rivers or canals.

All available reports can be viewed in different formats and their attachments can be downloaded.
The link of the subsystem Notices to skippers is http://nts.bulris.bg

Links of Notices to skippers systems in other countries:


Mobile version of NtS

    BULRIS provides all concerned users a mobile version of Notices to Skippers. The application gives the opportunity for searching current notices related to fairway limitations and conditions, water levels, ice related messages and weather conditions. Data relating water levels in Bulgarian part of river Danube are updated every hour. For each pegel a graphic view for the last 7 days is available.

Download BULRIS mobile application from  Google play logo


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