According to the Law on the Maritime Spaces, Inland Waterways and Ports of the Republic of Bulgaria a port for public transport is any port, which provided for remuneration port services and other related activities from / to ships and land vehicles, which is available without restriction for all vessels and freights.

Territory of public ports include one or more terminals and may include areas for activities provided for in Article 116a of the Act, and properties for the expansion and development of the port. Territory of public ports that serve ships on international voyages include mandatory and area of ​​inspection and control. Port terminals include an operational area, which is equipped in accordance to the intended use of the terminal and processing technology of this type of cargo. According to the technology of processing of this type of goods and the destination terminal. it may include an area for the storage of goods and parts of the technical infrastructure of the port.

Part of the port for public transport that is technologically related to the process for handling and storage can be located in an area which is not located directly on shore. Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company provides access to the ports for public transport of national and regional importance and fishing, marinas and ports with special purpose through maintenance of the water area and approaches to them.

Danube river is the second longest river in Europe and represents the main inland waterway traffic corridor connecting the west with the eastern part of Europe. By the Rhine, Main and Rhine-Main-Danube channel corridor 7 connects North Sea with Black Sea.

The Bulgarian section of the Danube river stretches between 845.650 and 374.100 kilometers.

River ports for public transport with national importance:

Port of Ruse, which includes: Ruse - East - 1, Ruse - East - 2, Ruse - Center, Ruse - West; Silistra, Ferry Terminal Silistra; Tutrakan; Svishtov, Nikopol Ferry Terminal, and Somovit.

Port of Lom, which includes: Lom and Oryahovo.

Port of Vidin, which includes: Vidin - Center, Vidin - South, Vidin - North and Ferryboat Complex Vidin.

Bulgarian legislation regulating the port services in accordance with the requirements of the European Union.

Services of  Bulgarian Danube ports

Marine technical Services

* towing (dragging or pushing);
* mooring;
Supply the vessels with water, telephone and electricity

Freight and mail:

* loading;
* landing,
* arrangement,
* storage
* repacking of various types of  cargo,
Inland port (terminal) freight and mail and more.

Passenger Services

More information can be found at bgports.bg

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