Water Levels Information for the Last Hour

Water level information along the Danube river.

For previous days the published water level is for a particular gauge taken at 23.00 h. The difference is on 24h basis.

On the current day the water level is updated every hour and the difference is compared to the published level at 23:00 h on the previous day.

By clicking on the name of the gauge, graphical information on the values of water levels on a weekly and yearly basis is displayed.

Tutrakan 22-419-320+119-117-215-2150------
Ruse -5-6-6-1-4+2-7-3-9-2-10-1-100------
Nikopol 75-279+476-374-273-172-1720------
Oryahovo -23-1-22+1-24-2-25-1-250-27-2-28-1------
Lom 7900-790000000000------
Vidin 61+160-159-160+157-354-353-1------
Novo Selo00000000000000------
Pegel: Tutrakan
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Pegel: Tutrakan
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