Over 30 shipping agencies with nearly 100 users use Single Window since the start of the system

by BULRIS | Jun 15, 2017

Over 30 shipping agencies with nearly 100 users use the electronic document processing system on arrival and departure of ships in / from our river ports, also known as the Single Window on the River. Three months after the official launch of the system, more than 2500 notifications and more than 2700 general declarations were submitted. The average time to process a common general declaration is from 15 to 30 minutes.
More than 100 employees from different institutions who are registered in the system, monitor the prompt and efficient processing of the submitted documents for entry and exit clearance.
As a result of the increased interest in access by other stakeholders involved in river transport, improvements are made continually in the system, aiming at flexibility in the work.
The Single Window system works with electronic documents from 15 March 2017. It allows standardized information and documents to be submitted electronically and not in paper form to a single entry point. The one-stop-shop principle has already been introduced in all Bulgarian ports along the Danube River, aiming at a new work organization to ease the administrative service of the river shipping business.

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