Technical Details

One of the main tasks of BULRIS is the electronic recording of the position of all vessels in the system and their representation on an electronic navigational chart. This is achieved through the strategic use of Microwave links, AIS Base stations, WAN connections and visualisation software. This results in providing accurate view of the current traffic situation, support for captains in their nautical decisions and enhanced traffic safety on the river Danube. 

Basic subsystems functions and options

BULRIS unifies functionalities and data, collected by several subsystems:

  • Radio Relay Links network (RRL)
  • Wide area network (WAN)
  • VHF Radio subsystem (VHF/ATIS)
  • Automatic Identification System (AIS)
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone system
  • Security subsystem
  • Vessel tracking and tracing (VTT)
  • Notices to skippers (NtS)
  • Electronic reports (ERI)
  • Radar subsystem
  • Video surveillance of specific sections by means of thermal cameras
  • Crisis management system with 3D-modelling
  • Wi-Fi subsystem


Radio Relay Links Network

The microwave link consists of 13 radio relay lines with a total length of 396 km. The radio relay network ensures data transmission from the eight base stations to the RIS center.

Wide Area Network

This is a communication infrastructure consisting of routers, connection switches, and other auxiliary devices, which serves to transmit data, to increase flexibility, to add VPN connectivity and to optimize the connectivity of the Ruse RIS Center, Varna RIS Center and the systems objects. WAN is one of the most significant subsystems of the project – it enables remote control; it is built-up in a configuration which provides for performance improving.

VHF Radio Subsystem

This subsystem is targeted to provide continuous radio-telephone coverage on the Bulgarian part of the Danube river.

Automatic Identification System

The Automatic Identification System (AIS) also operates in VHF, but unlike the radiotelephone subsystem it uses a digital communication.


This is a technology enabling the voice transfer (telephony) over Internet protocols (VoIP). 


The sites, property of BPI Co., are provided with continuous video surveillance. Safety is supplemented by contact security sensors, volume sensors and optical smoke detectors. All alarm events are received in the operational center.

Radar Subsystem

This system is necessary for solving specific navigational tasks by the operator, providing real-time information about the navigation situation. Two new radars were purchased under the project. 

Video surveillance 
of critical sections with thermal cameras

Video surveillance is necessary for the solving of specific navigational tasks by the river information system operators, as it provides real-time information about the navigation situation.

Subsystem range: sites in Kudelin, Florentin, Vidin, Lom, Gorni Tsibar, Oriahovo, Somovit, Svishtov, Operational RIS Center in Ruse, Tutrakan, Silistra;

Crisis Management System with 3D modelling

The system assists the decision-making process in crisis situations (CMS – Crisis Management System) and provides the following

  • automating the processing of incoming information;

  • emergency responses planning and monitoring of their implementation;

  • emergencies impact analysis and assessment

Wi-Fi Subsystem

Provides fast and easy connection at port areas to the ships navigating in the Bulgarian section of the Danube river through the BULRIS communication functionalities.

Data Gateway

Data Gateway is a software solution, which main purpose is data exchange including AIS, ERI, emergencies. The application requires good and reliable Internet connection and XML messages. It should be administered by the national RIS center, as the main feature is the connection with foreign RIS centers.

The entire control and management of all BULRIS subsystems in the Bulgarian stretch of the Danube river are focused in the River Information Services Center in Ruse. The center provides 24/7 duty of highly qualified experts, operators of the river information system.

Bulgaria is the first Danubian country with an administrative and operational center for vessel traffic surveillance.А riverbed monitoring and surveying system was also implemented under the project ‘Implementing River Information System in the Bulgarian Part of the Danube River – BULRIS’.The systematic survey of the riverbed is significant both to navigation safety and to the activities related to the port infrastructure and aquatic area maintenance.

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