Radar Subsystem

The subsystem is controlled by the operational RIS center in Ruse, where data from all radars is being collected, processed and visualized.
Radar extractors were installed to the existing radar systems of the Border Police Directorate General. The system uses two new radars on the site: in Ruse and Oriahovo operational RIS centers, and connectivity by means of suitable interfaces on the 5 existing radars of BPDG, located at sites in Kudelin, Vidin River Station, Dolno Linevo, Svishtov and Silistra.

The radar surveillance is necessary to solve specific navigation tasks by the operator, giving real-time information for the navigation situation.
The new supplied radars are solid state type (without magnetron).

        Fig.1 Radar picture+AIS data over ENC

          Fig.2. Radar picture over ENC

                Fig.3 Radar picture over ENC 2

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