Telephone subsystem

The telephone subsystem consists of 30 VoIP telephones, 13 of them being located in all remote sites along the Danube river – 8 base stations and 5 retransmitting stations, 11 telephones at the Ruse RIS Center and 6 in the Varna reserving center.

The infrastructure for transmission of voice is realized through an IP-based PBX. It has a voice router. According to the requirements and the provision of highly reliable IP-based telephone connectivity, there are two voice gateways available in the RIS center. Voice Gateways serve to control the terminal devices, which may be accomplished, as SCCP protocol, and in SIP protocol. IP based PBX offers all the necessary corporate services, transfer, forwarding, call holding and others.
The main advantage is the easy integration with external providers of telephone services. This can be accomplished via SIP or H.323 protocols, which are widely distributed in most telephone service providers. In addition to the required encoded audio stream, the proposed voice gateways support the G.722, G723, G.728, G.726, iLBC and others. The voice gateway has two analog FXS ports for connection to end devices such as analog phones, fax, modem. Supports T.38 protocol optimization fax modem signal over IP environment. Terminal equipment provided in the technical solution Cisco CP-7940G, besides a full technical requirements has in addition built-in switch. It allows the use of Ethernet devices connected directly to the phone.

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