Bulgarian Port Infrastructure company is setting into operation by July 15, 2017 the system for electronic processing of documents upon arrival and departure of vessels to and from Bulgarian river ports. As a basis of the system serves a software owned by BPI Co. used on sea, which is adapted to the requirements on river.

The system "Single Window" or "one stop shop" will enable standardized information and documents to be submitted electronically rather than on paper in a single entry point.

The system is in accordance with Directive 2010/65 / EC of the European Parliament and the Council of 20.10.2010 on reporting formalities for ships arriving and departing from ports of the Member of States of the Decree № 242 of 4.08.2014, amending the Ordinance to provide RIS on inland waterways of the Republic of Bulgaria adopted by Decree № 329 of the Council of Ministers 2007 (SG. 3 of 2008), art. 9, par. 1 of the Ordinance and to provide RIS on inland waterways of the Republic of Bulgaria Art. 12 par. 1 and 2.

You can access the system at: https://sw.bulris.bg

Instructions for completing the application form

The application form should be completed electronically, not handwritten, and must have the following attributes:

1. Names of the persons for which access is granted. Fill in according to the identification document;

2. Name of the company, Company registration number, EORI number, Legally responsible person and the position of the person who will receive access to the system; Each company must have a leading (head of company) and the possibility of additional accounts (for employees). Accounts of shipping agents in the company are managed by the head of the company. 

3. Current mailing address of each person;

4. Current phone number of each person;

5. Fax number (if available);

6. Email address of each person, correctly spelled in order to avoid errors.

7. Signature, stamp of the applying institution.

The methods for submitting the completed application to the SPD Vessel Traffic Management Authority - Danube river are as follows:

1. The completed electronic application form has to be printed, signed and stamped. Afterwards scanned and sent to: sw@bulris.bg. Upon receipt of the accounts at the office of Directorate "Vessel Traffic Management - Danube river",  ​7000 Ruse, 20A, "Pristanishtna" str., the original application must be provided signed and stamped.

2. The original the application form is provided at SPD "Vessel Traffic Management - Danube river", ​7000 Ruse, 20 A, "Pristanishtna" str.

3. The completed and printed electronic form can be sent by mail to the following address: 7000 Ruse, 20 A, "Pristanishtna" str.  SPD "Vessel Traffic Management - Danube river".

The responsibility for correctness of the data submitted in the application bears the applicant personally.

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