Vessel Tracking and Tracing

In conncection with the requirements of Directive 2005/44/EU on the deployment and implementation of harmonized river information services and systems, visualization of ship traffic is carried by Internet-based software http://vtt.bulris.bg, providing the following information and services:

up to date data on the fairway (waterway);
position of river and coastal ​signs;
* waterway hazards, distress alerts;
* transport and logistics information.

Fig.1 VTT km 487 - 499                                            Fig.2  VTT km 562-568

The web based GUI interface is user interface for the AIS subsystem. The AIS web server is designed to supply userс with data available in the AIS subsystem. The data is supplied by the AIS router using a special protocol between the AIS and the web server. The maps used in the AIS Web Server meet the standard S-57 Inland ENC and can be updated. Users are authorized by the system with a username and a password. Access rights give rights to various functionalities and data from the AIS.
The user interface is available in Bulgarian and English. To display historical data users choose start,end and "speed of history."

In addition to the AIS web application, the operators use also Transas Navi Harbour application. It is a desktop application and requires the installation on the operator's computer along with a license key, while AIS web application requires only a web browser.
The program integrates data from multiple sensors, overlays and displays them on electronic charts in S-57 standard. The information sources are radar, AIS base stations, CCTV cameras, VHF radio stations.
Navi Harbour VTS provides an interface to the database. With a regular update of the database, the operators receive the following options:

  • identifying the target by using information about the ship from the database;
  • receive information about the maneuvers of the ship (anchorage, pilotage, mooring); 
  • use reference data for ships, ship visits, ports, history.

The procedure for using the VTT system is publicly accessible at Access to BULRIS and provides: filling in the application and  submission in the office of Specialized Unit Vessel Traffic Management – the Danube, Ruse with a signed declaration. A special section for user registration is differentiated in the specialized RIS – portal. 

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